Friday, November 11, 2011

Short Story outlet

I just started with a Short Story group on Google + and while attempting to comment on a blog post of a story, I was forced to set up this blogspot blog.  I don't need another blog!

For the love of keyboards and watching TV, I have enough already.  But since I've been forced, I will make use of the Internet real estate property.

Thus, I will use this as my point of pushing Short Stories to the G+ #shortstory circle.

The image at the left is my current 'official' Akilologos avatar.  But that avatar will change as I offer up new posts, illustrations, publications and the like.  The Brooky Trout is a book I am currently working on, that is slated for a 2013 release.  So, I'm pushing this book and the image.  For now.

I posted my first entry: Ma Pek : from the original posting location at .  So I will copy it here and then do so with all my offerings in the future.

The games begin...


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